Standard water heaters have traditionally been manufactured with enamelled carbon
steel and lower grade stainless steels (304 or 316) or austenitic stainless steels. Edson
chooses to use Duplex Stainless Steel for all their SRT Hot Water Systems, providing
greater strength and corrosion resistance which does not requiring any coating.
Industry leading 65mm blown polyurethane insulation coupled with a robust, powder
coated, galvanized steel casing suitable for Australia’s harsh conditions. Utilizing a low
watt density Incoloy 825 electric element with exceptional resistance to many aggressive
corrosion environments.

Stainless steel temperature sensor ports with gland nut capture ensures correct readings
from your solar controller (when fitted).

Why do we use a sacrificial anode on such a high quality stainless steel tank? Australia
has some of the best and worst water quality in the world, and Edson tanks are built
to take the good with the bad. Unfortunately no grade of material can stand up to our
poorest quality water without a sacrificial anode.

A high quality affordable stand alone hot water service ready to couple with an Edson
solar collector for the complete high efficiency package.


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