Commercial Products

Sustainable practices for all. Because it matters.

We help commercial enterprises in two main ways:

Sustainable renewable energy

Renewable energy sources have low environmental impact, are widely available and are naturally replenished.

Commercial Solutions

Hot Water


Customised Hot Water Systems for large cruise-ships, naval vessels, non-metallic mine hunting ships, high speed trains, multi-storey hotels and apartment developments.

Commercial Solutions

Hot Water Storage

Stainless Steel

Manufactured from high-grade Duplex Stainless Steel. Flexible design with custom construction also available. Capable of operating in conjunction with alternative heat sources.

Commercial Solutions

Direct Delivery


Manufactured for a mains pressure connection with a Duplex stainless steel construction.

Commercial Solutions

Dosing Pots

The Edson Dosing Pot offers a safe and convenient way to introduce water treatment chemicals to your system.

Commercial Solutions

Heat Pump


An Edson heat pump can help reduce energy usage over time and reduce carbon emissions.

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