Edson have been supplying Solar Collectors in the Australian market for over 20 years and it is this experience in the solar industry that has lead us to supply Evacuated Tube Technology as our preferred technology. Edson collectors all use a 42mm header pipe to ensure minimal pressure loss through your commercial system, allowing more collectors in series and effective thermosiphon capabilities in residential applications. Unlike other suppliers Edson Solar currently have three types of Evacuated Tube Collectors in the range.

Reflective Collector
Our New SHC Evacuated Tube Solar Collector (Reflective) is the first on the Australian market to provide 360 degree passive tracking. Utilizing premium grade, highly polished, self cleaning reflective aluminium and click and connect installation technology, Edson Solar are the first to successfully introduce next generation evacuated tube reflector technology in a modular, easy to install format. With an increased collector output on a reduced collector footprint the SHC is the collector of choice when dealing with limited roof space on commercial buildings or residences that have already committed to PV or have architectural limitations.

Classic Collector
The SR Evacuated Tube Solar Collector (Classic) is the stalwart of our range, with proven performance based on sound design the SR collector maximises flow and heat exchange making it suitable for both residential and commercial installations. With an industry benchmark 2mm thick glass tube and a 24mm heat exchange bulb our standards begin where others stop.

Compact Collector
The SR Evacuated Tube Solar Collector (Compact) is perfect for thermosiphon installations where the collector needs to be positioned below a roof mounted tank and the necessary space is not available. With architectural roof space creating challenges for the provision of services the compact provides you with even more flexibility when planning your commercial or residential install.


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